Membership is open to those without military connections, as well as service personnel who share the ideals of the RSA movement.

RSA members belong to a nationwide voluntary welfare organisation committed to the rich tradition of comradeship and community service that characterises the RSA.

All members are welcome to visit and enjoy the recreational facilities of RSA’s throughout the country as well as clubs affiliated with clubs NZ, take part in social and sporting events, or simply relax in congenial surroundings close to home.

Associate Members  – Only  $45 per year

Returned & Service  – Only $35 per year

Youth Membership – Only $5 per year

Existing Members 

Please make sure that your RSA has your current address and contact details.

Who may join?

Membership applications are invited from adults of all ages, who are either citizens or permanent residents of New Zealand or any other Commonwealth country. Membership is divided into four categories – Returned, Service, Associate and Youth (up to 18 years).

  • Conflict veterans, ex-servicemen and Women, their families and friends,

  • Serving members of New Zealand’s Armed Forces,

  • Sworn NZ Police Officers,

  • Men and Women without military connections who share the ideals of the RSA movement,

  • Membership category is determined according to the applicant’s relationship to the Forces.

‘Returned’ Servicemen and women who have served in any conflict or in a peacekeeping or peacemaking deployment as defined by NZ Defence Force.

‘Service’ members are either retired or serving members of the Armed Forces who do not qualify for ‘Returned’ membership. They include those who have served under CMT, the Territorial Forces, Cadet Force Officers and sworn members of the New Zealand Police.

‘Associate’ membership is open to adults, who although having not served in the Armed Forces or Police, identify with and support the aims and ideals of NZ Defence Force.

Youth membership – up  to 18 years, learn to play snooker or 8 ball in a controlled, friendly environment.

NZ Defence Force is non-sectarian and non-party political.

Membership is not open to any person who is also a member of any Party, Organisation, Association or other body whose allegiance or objectives is inconsistent with those of the NZ Defence Force.



Membership of the RSA brings a range of benefits: easy access to welfare and pensions advice; social and sporting opportunities; member only promotions from financial institutions and other companies; and entitlement to receive RSA Review.

  • Access to welfare and pension advice, from a familiar face at the local RSA,

  • Friendship close to home and a warm welcome at RSAs and all clubs that are clubs NZ members nationwide,

  • Pensions & Welfare Assistance,

  • RSA members have easy access to war pension and welfare assistance from the Welfare Officer based at each local RSA. Further advice is available from the Senior Advisory Officer at NZ Defence Force, as is access to War Pensions Appeal advocacy services,

  • Social Activities.

RSA members can call in and enjoy the facilities of over 120 licensed RSAs throughout New Zealand and many more affiliated Clubs NZ member clubs. Regular social events and sporting challenges keep the RSA calendar busy and are open to all members.

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