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Monthly Reports

Presidents Report August 2021

Presidents Corner August 2021 It’s been just over a month since your elected exe-committee has been on the ground, and it certainly has been a time of fitting in and understanding each other. As I mentioned at the AGM, getting to understand the various levels within...

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Managers Report August 2021

Managers Corner August 2021 Mangers Corner   Well it’s finally arrived, this is my last managers’ report. There have been many up’s and downs, mostly up’s during my 7 ½ years here at Whakatane RSA. It reminds me of what someone said to me whilst I was working in...

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Managers Report July 2021

Managers Corner July 2021 2020/21 AGM over and dusted, may I thank all that voted for the remit that was presented regarding being able to change our own Rules & Regulations without having to seek permission from RNZRSA. This is a big step forward for our club and...

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Presidents Report July 2021

Presidents Corner July 2021 With the onset of Matariki, so too, we have a new beginning for our RSA. Matariki marks the new year for Maori, and as such with our recent AGM, we welcome a new committee for the 2021-2022 financial year. As I mentioned in my Presidents...

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Presidents Report May 2021

Presidents Corner May 2021 As we shift into May, it’s noticeable that there is a drop in temperature, with the days shorter as daylight saving disappears for a few months. Traditionally April is a very busy month with the planning and execution of ANZAC Day. As a...

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Managers Report May 2021

Managers Corner May 2021 Welcome to the Mays newsletter, a little late but due to circumstances beyond our control, it’s here now. The latter part of April saw the build-up to Anzac Day and Anzac Day itself which was a huge success and more on this I will leave to our...

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Managers Report April 2021

Managers Corner April 2021   Welcome to April, what a blur the last couple of months have been. Now that we are back to normal (I say normal with a little bit of trepidation) and as we are getting back into the swing of things, we look forward to having a great...

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Presidents Report April 2021

Presidents Corner April 2021 April is now upon us as we head towards ANZAC Day 2021. Due to the COVID pandemic last year, we couldn’t celebrate ANZAC Day due to the national lockdown. With the support of 1XX and Colin McGee, we produced our Dawn Service over the...

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Veterans Welfare Report April 2021

Veterans Welfare Report April 2021 The Veterans Welfare office remained open during the Christmas / New Year period and had our people ringing and visiting. During this period, many Veterans Independence Programme (VIP) forms were sent to Wellington for veterans...

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