RSA Poppy Appeal 2022

In 2021 the RSA have chosen to highlight the experiences of women and the military, that’s both women in uniform and those women who watch their sons, daughters, husbands or lovers depart and have the daily angst of never knowing if they will return.

Displaying the poppy shows your support for the welfare of our surviving veterans and your acknowledgement and remembrance of the service of someone who has gone before. You can wear it for the living, you can wear it for the dead, you can wear it for both and whether you choose to keep it close in acknowledgement or remembrance of that service, or lay it in tribute on Anzac Day, the act of poppy purchase shows you care.

A Poppy has no set price, we welcome a donation of any amount and we can tell you, hand on heart that every cent donated is used to fund welfare for veterans in need of support.

Use of funds

The RSA provides financial assistance, friendship, support, and advocacy services to former and current serving personnel and their families. Donations made to the RSA Poppy Appeal through this Givealittle page will be collected centrally and distributed through the RSA district network.

Poppy Appeal Volunteers


The Poppy Day street collection is held each year on the Friday before Anzac Day.

This year it is 8th April 2022.

During this year’s appeal, hard-working RSA volunteers exchanged distinctive red poppies for a donation to the Poppy Appeal. All funds raised went towards our vital support work, which can include financial support, advocacy, family days and access to a strong network of people who have been through similar experiences, to name a few.

If you have the time to volunteer this year please contact our office.

Your generosity enables us to continue what we do, both at a national and local RSA level.