Membership Form


Application for Associate Membership 


I undertake, if accepted, to abide by the rules, bylaws and policies of the Whakatane RSA. The full rules, bylaws and relevant policies, including the privacy policy are available on request from the club.

I accept than my application for membership is subject to the registered rules of the Whakatane RSA and will be accepted or declined by the Executive Committee. Pending acceptance of my application, I acknowledge that I have the rights and privileges only of a visitor at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Your application will be placed on the notice board for a minimum of 14 days. The Executive reserve the right to cancel your membership and return your fee if objections are received and endorsed.

New Member Information

Standard of dress

A reasonable standard of dress must be maintained at all times. No bare feet. singlets. hats/caps. soiled clothing or footwear.

There may be an exemption if the hat is for cultural grounds, medical reasons or an integral part of woman's outfit or for a special occasion.

Signing in:

Full members do not need to sign in but must have their membership card on them. Members may sign in guests.

Reciprocal visiting:

All RSA's in New Zealand, many in Australia and all Clubs NZ affiliated clubs.


Strictly adults 18 years and over, or we breach the license conditions.


Whakatane RSA is family friendly and supervised children are very welcome.

The ODE:

Over seventy years after its origins in 1941, the Remembrance Ceremony (as it is known today) is still one of the most poignant observances of the RSA and a tribute to its members' eternal pledge:

We will remember them.

It is played Thursday and Friday evenings.

Membership draws:

The Friday draw jackpots at $250 a week until $500 unless drawn earlier.


Keep an eye on the notice boards in your club for fun times such as shows, fun evenings for those important sports matches, hosted fundraisers and much more.

There is something happening every day, including karaoke, live bands, raffles, snooker, 8 ball, darts, poker, euchre, indoor and outdoor bowls, travel, fishing, punters club, garden session and more.


Cookies Kitchen - great meals, birthdays anspecial occasions catered for.


Whakatane RSA runs a free shuttle (some limitations on distance) Thursday and Friday evenings

Ring the bar 307 0343 to book.

Please familiarize yourself with all amenities within the club & read the alcohol act over the page.

Whakatane RSA Executive, staff and members welcome you.

Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012

60 - Sale and supply in clubs to members and guests only

1) The holder of a club licence must ensure that no alcohol is sold or supplied to any person for consumption on the premises unless the person is

a) an authorised customer; or 

b) if the licence issued subject to a condition allowing alcohol to be sold or supplied to people of that kind, a person who is on the premises at the invitation of an authorised visitor who is also on the premises

2) If a club licence and an off-licence are held for the same premises, the holder must ensure that no alcohol is sold or supplied to any person for consumption off the premises unless the person is an authorised customer.

3) In this section,

authorised customer in relation to the premises a club licence is held for, means a person who 

a) is a member of the club concerned; or

b) is on the premises at the invitation of, and is accompanied by, a member of the club concerned; or

c) Is an authorised visitor

authorised visitor

in relation to premises a club licence is held for, means a member of some other club with which the club concerned has an arrangement for reciprocal visiting rights for members


in relation to a club, means a person who

d) has expressly agreed in writing to comply with the club's rules and

e) is recognised as a member of the club by those rules