Managers Corner

May 2021

Welcome to the Mays newsletter, a little late but due to circumstances beyond our control, it’s here now.

The latter part of April saw the build-up to Anzac Day and Anzac Day itself which was a huge success and more on this I will leave to our President.

During April we saw some disagreements in the interpretation of Children in the club and I would just like to clarify some points after speaking with the Liquor licensing.

Section 244 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 states:
Part (2) a minor who is found in a supervised area on any licensed premises commits an offense unless he or she is accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The question I asked the liquor licensing was. ‘What was their interpretation on the word accompanied’? (just so we were on the same page).
The answer was: one parent or guardian must sit at the table at all times.
In saying that and trying to adhere to legislation, I realise that we all must try and articulate a little better when informing our valued members of rules and regulation and to this end, our staff will be offered some retraining, this also applies to our members replying to the staff. I also fully understand there is fault on both sides and I ask for your understanding going forward.

If you do have any problems please do not hesitate to send me an email with your concerns.

Andrew Thurlow