Managers Corner

July 2021

2020/21 AGM over and dusted, may I thank all that voted for the remit that was presented regarding being able to change our own Rules & Regulations without having to seek permission from RNZRSA. This is a big step forward for our club and possibly the first for RSA’s nationally. This will give you the members control over the future operations of the club.

Yes it is acknowledged that certain aspects of the way the club is governed and managed needs tightening up and I can assure you slowly but surely things are getting tweaked, changed, investigated and moving towards more openness and transparency. As some aspects need legal consultation they are taking more time to get right, however the thinking is do it once and do it right which then allows future committees to get on with the job of governance and not have to go thru 3 hour AGM’s going over the same old subjects every year because some people like to have their 15 mins of fame.

Note to these people: when Andy Warhol allegedly coined this phrase back in 1968, he meant 15 mins of fame in one life time, not 15 minutes every AGM. Please do not get me wrong, you the members have the right to ask questions at our AGM within the confines of the agenda, I’m just passing on what a lot of members have said to me.

Although I will be on the other side at the next AGM, PLEASE if you have got any concerns bring them up with the committee and management before the AGM so whatever is concerning you, answers can be given in a timely and satisfactory fashion which satisfies both parties.

Andrew Thurlow