Managers Corner

August 2021

Mangers Corner


Well it’s finally arrived, this is my last managers’ report.

There have been many up’s and downs, mostly up’s during my 7 ½ years here at Whakatane RSA. It reminds me of what someone said to me whilst I was working in Japan. Do not let adversity break you. Think of it as a learning experience that will make you stronger.

I thank you ALL for a most interesting time.

The hospitality industry has changed quiet a lot over the last 20 or so years and to keep pace with this we have to adapt to new ways of operating, what some people do not understand is that we are a business and need to make a profit to survive. When I arrived here it was all about the club giving and not much coming back the other way, this has slowly been scaled back much to some people’s chagrin, and it has been hard for a few people to accept this.

There will be challenges ahead but with understanding and cooperation this club has a very bright future. I hand the reins over to a very experienced person who I am sure will be able to take this club to new and better levels of service.

To Victor, a big thank you for the understanding and support you have shown me, to others that have given me their support, I thank you, you know who you are and there is no need to name you.

To my greatest supporters Alison and Nicole, I would not be where I am now without your 100% support.

I now look forward to being a Koro to Tirakahurangi, who has given me a renewed perspective on what is important in life. 

 Andrew Thurlow