Managers Corner

April 2021


Welcome to April, what a blur the last couple of months have been.

Now that we are back to normal (I say normal with a little bit of trepidation) and as we are getting back into the swing of things, we look forward to having a great year. Unfortunately, the rumour mill has started again after a nice spell of not much at all. As I keep reiterating, don’t listen to rumours! As you know by the time it has gone around the club and been embellished to gigantic proportions worthy of Hollywood, the initiator sits back and smiles.

Come and ask and ye shall be told, there is nothing secret being done and no deals being struck behind closed doors.

What a roaring success the RSA Trailer Boat Fishing Tournament has been!

After all the roadblocks the tournament faced, the RSA Fishing Tournament Committee did a fantastic job. Thank you to everyone for their hard work and for everyone who took part.

On Sunday the 28th of February, we had an EGM to bestow life membership on 2 worthy recipients and a belated life membership certificate to our past president John Bluett. Our 2 life member recipients were Patsy Kirk, a life member of the Whakatane RSA and Sheryl Bell, a life member of the Kawerau Women’s section.

On the agenda also was the reading thru of remits that have been approved and not approved by RNZRSA and details of these will be posted on the notice board.

Poppy Day Street Appeal is just days away on the 16th of April and we will have collectors out in the community. If you wish to volunteer on the day, please make contact with our team in the office.

With ANZAC Day around the corner, our program of service has been confirmed for both the Whakatane and Kawerau Districts. You can find the full program on our website here.


Andrew Thurlow